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A complete guide to getting started with Less Accounting

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Welcome to LessAccounting!

Here's our suggested checklist of items for you to prioritize when you sign up or create a new business. Following this checklist will help ensure that you get set up right away with everything you need to fully utilize LessAccounting. Enjoy!

  1. Personalize your invoices and proposals. You can make your invoices and proposals unique to your business by adding your logo, changing invoice and proposal labels, adding your contact details, setting default due dates, and more. Learn about how to fully customize your invoices and proposals so they're unique to you and your business. 

  2. Create Contacts to keep track of your employees, contractors, and clients. Utilizing this will make it easier to narrow down reports and data later on. Learn more about creating contacts here.

  3. Connect your Financial Accounts. This would include your bank accounts, credit cards, Paypal, Stripe, Cash in Hand, and other financial-related accounts. Learn more about how to connect your financial accounts here.

  4. Customize your expense categories for reporting that's personalized to your business. You can customize the default expense categories set up in LessAccounting to better fit your normal business operations, and so that your P&L reports will be more useful for decision making. Learn about this feature here.

  5. Create automation rules for your recurring expenses so that LessAccounting can categorize them automatically.

  6. Add your accountant, business partner, or other team members to access your books for free. You can also customize permissions given to each new member. Learn more about adding a member to LessAccounting here.

  7. Change your time zone and date format so that the proper format is reflected in your invoices, proposals, and transactions. Learn more about changing your time and date formats here.

If you've taken the time to set up your account in LessAccounting, great job! Now, you can enjoy seeing your financial data and results, invoicing your clients, receiving payments, and recognizing your expenses.

If you need any help or have any questions, please feel free to reach out by clicking on Support in the upper right hand of your LessAccounting page.

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