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Add a Member to LessAccounting
Add a Member to LessAccounting

How to add a member such as your accountant, sales team, partner, or CPA

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You can invite your bookkeeper, business partner, or anyone else to use the LessAccounting app!

There are two types of members that you can invite to LessAccounting: Trusted and Untrusted. 

  • A trusted member would be someone who you are comfortable with having access to all of your records. We recommend inviting business partners and your accountant as Trusted Members.

  • Untrusted Members have much more limited access. They cannot see the "entire picture" of your account; only small pieces such as invoices, notes and contacts. We recommend inviting assistants or sales people as Untrusted Members.

You can change a member's permissions at any time by clicking on Manage Team on the sidebar menu.

To invite a new member:

  1. Go to Manage Team

  2. Add your invitee's information: name and email address

  3. Select Invite as a Trusted Member if inviting them as a Trusted Member

  4. Click Save

The invitee will get an invitation in their email to access your LessAccounting business. If they need an orientation to the app, please email

Below is a chart of the detailed permissions depending on provided access:

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