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Re-Authenticating Your Bank Account and Multiple Factor Authentication (MFA)
Re-Authenticating Your Bank Account and Multiple Factor Authentication (MFA)

Why do I keep having to re-authenticate my bank account?

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Many banks use MFA (or Multiple Factor Authentication) for secure login purposes. When you first imported your bank data into LessAccounting, you might have answered one security question, but now the bank is asking another question that we don't have the answer to.


  1. Go to Settings

  2. Click the Configure button next to the bank that has stopped importing 

  3. Click the Re-Authenticate button in the Re-Authenticate section and answer the new security question. You may also be prompted for your bank login depending on the security measures your bank has in place.

After clicking Re-authenticate, just make sure to follow the prompts and that's it! If you have any questions or need help, reach out by clicking on chat icon at the bottom right of any screen.

The frequency really varies when it comes to how often banks prompt their customers with new security questions. I've seen some banks prompt their users every few months. There are a few who are more diligent about confirming (and re-confirming) that it's still their customer who wants the data. That means, they prompt you to answer security questions often-- sometimes monthly. We do send out email notifications whenever you need to answer a security question and we also post a notification on your LessAccounting Dashboard under your "Tasks & Notifications", so you should always be aware of when you need to do this.

I understand it's inconvenient, but there's no way for us to get around it. We have to play by your banks rules and in the end it's for the safety of your data.

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