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Fix financial account balance issue
Fix financial account balance issue

Why do I have a financial account balance issue?

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If you have your data auto-importing from your bank or credit card, those establishments will often tell us what your actual balance is. If that balance ever does NOT match what we have calculated in LessAccounting, we'll mark "Fix financial account balance issue" in red under Troubleshooting on your Transactions dashboard.

We'll show you which accounts have matching balances and which do not match. If a balance doesn't match, you may want to start by looking at the daily balances to see where the problem started. Then, go to that date and see if there's a transaction that shouldn't be there, or maybe one that is missing.

A more fool-proof way to ensure your bank balances are correct is to do a bank reconciliation. Learn more about bank reconciliations and how to do them here.

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